Street Fighter V’s newest character reveal is Kolin

The Street Fighter roster is about to get a little bigger as Capcom revealed the latest DLC character that will be joining the battle. Meet Kolin (pronounced Colleen), the Phantasm of Snow and Ice. Originally appearing in Street Fighter V as Helen, her fake persona, she excels in the Russian martial arts of Systema, which uses her opponent’s own momentum against them, and is strengthened by her ability to control ice.

Here is a look at her skills:

V-Skill: Inside Slash

Kolin’s unique counter allows her to deflect and automatically punish incoming moves with ease.

V-Trigger: Diamond Dust

With a full V-meter, Kolin can slam the ground twice with her foot, each time shooting out a path of sharp icicles across the floor. In addition to damage and stun, this move freezes the opponent’s stun gauge. While in this special state, the stun gauge will not deplete and if Kolin is successful in stunning the opponent, they will be frozen in place.

Critical Art: Frost Tower

Kolin dashes forward with a slice of her hand. If the attack connects, she’ll continue summoning large icicles from the ground, throwing the opponent into the air and shattering the ice to drop them to the ground.

Kolin’s V-Trigger is a great tool to keep your opponents on guard since it only serves to help make stunning your opponent that much easier. Her rekka-style attacks and ability to dodge projectiles will make her dangerous in both the mid and close range, while her V-Skill will make it easier to punish opponents who try to keep you locked in the corner since it can be used against a variety of attacks.

You can watch Kolin in action in the latest character reveal trailer which features a track from Lupe Fiasco featuring Salim called “It’s Not Designed.” Lupe will also be holding a launch party next week at the Folsom Street Foundry in San Fransisco for his new album DROGAS Light album which will include few pre-season matches including Justin Wong vs Snake Eyez, Filipimp Champ vs the Beast Daigo, and a rematch from Capcom Cup Nuckeldu vs Ricki Ortiz.

Kolin will be released on February 28th as part of the Street Fighter V Season 2 Pass.

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