Paladins giveaway – Win Maeve, of Blades unlock key

*Contest is over, winners announced here*

Paladins Open Beta 43 “Nightfall” just hit and we’re celebrating the new update with a giveaway. Along with tons of new changes and tweaks thanks to the Paladins Community, Hi-Rez has given us a new champion: Maeve, of Blades. Classified as a Flank class, Maeve brings the pain with her dual daggers that deal massive damage. Here’s a quick look at what Maeve, of Blades has to offer:


Throw two Daggers every second that each deal 450 Damage.


Quickly Dash Forward. Collide with an enemy to perform a melee Strike for 600 Damage.

Maeve_NineLivesNine Lives

Heal for 500 Health and reset the cooldowns of Pounce and Prowl.


Enemies within 300ft have their vision restricted to a 30 foot radius for 4 seconds.


Move 80% Faster and increase your jump height for 4 seconds. Firing your weapon or using another ability will cancel Prowl.

Pounce and Prowl are two great abilities, with Pounce you can get that fleeing champion with a quick melee dash, or jump into battle. Prowl gives you that emergency skill to get out of a jam. Plus being able to self heal with Nine Lives and resetting the cooldowns for Pounce and Prowl, Maeve is one champion not to be messed with.


We have 8 keys to giveaway that’ll instantly unlock Maeve, of Blades along with her Vagrant body skin. Here’s your chance to jump into the game with Maeve and show other champions who’s boss. Below, simply leave a comment on which Champion is your favorite and why. Winners will be chosen at random. Since there is currently a Valentines Event in Paladins, deadline to enter will be Tuesday February 14, 11:59 PST. Winners will be selected and announced by Friday, February 17th. Good luck everyone and see you on the battlefield!

Check out a quick overview of Open Beta 43 Patch below!

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