Nerd Reactor is now on Spotify!

Reactorites, are you ready to jam with us?

In honor of the Grammys this year, your favorite, go-to nerdy site is now on Spotify, so be sure to give us a follow because we’ll be curating various playlists throughout the year. Some of the playlists we have coming down the pipeline in the future will include the following:

  • Disney Favorites
  • The Ultimate Extreme Epic Video Game Soundtracks
  • The Ultimate Extreme Epic Movie Soundtracks
  • “Chew Gum + Kick Ass” series
  • Experience Tranquility
  • Party Like a Nerd
  • Writer’s Personal Picks
  • Guest Playlists
  • “The Very Best of…” series
  • and much more…

The playlists listed above is just a few that will be coming in the next several weeks. Be sure to follow us by clicking here:

To give you a taste of some of the stuff we’ve curated check out our “Nerd Reactor Essentials” playlist chosen by all the writers of the site. It has a little bit of everything, so listen and enjoy!

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