Marvel comics expected to look more recognizable in near future

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If someone who had read Marvel comics in, say, the ’80s or ’90s, returned to the brand today after an extended hiatus, there’s no doubt this person would be completely lost. There are new characters popping up seemingly every month, with even the most iconic super heroes replaced by different alter egos. Titles are constantly rebooted even after four or five issues, in some cases, with line-wide relaunches occurring after every big event. And, perhaps most controversially, many titles are overtly political lately and, more specifically, politically correct. However, according to Bleeding Cool, we’re likely to see a return to the basics for Marvel in the near future.

Recently, Marvel held a creative summit where they apparently planned to make the brand more recognizable and bring back old favorites with a return to more of a status quo for titles like Hulk, Iron Man and Thor. However, even though iconic characters are expected to return, a number of newer characters are still expected to keep their books. Along with character changes, story and tone are expected to become less political and resemble more traditional comic books. In fact, the upcoming Secret Empire story line is expected to be the last bit of this kind of storytelling for the foreseeable future.

It might seem odd that such a political tale would be released when the company is trying to change directions, but apparently Marvel has invested too much into the story to make drastic changes now. They also genuinely believe it’s a great piece of writing that should be enjoyed by fans.

What’s ironic is that this back-to-basics change will be yet another Marvel overhaul. And, of course, if this next phase isn’t popular it’s sure to all change again. Whatever happens, let’s hope some good stories come out of it.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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