Outsiders 2×02 ‘Shadowside’ review

Outsiders’ second episode is already giving us some good drama that is about to unfold – Big is alive, the Farrell clan has newcomers that we don’t know if they could be trusted, the fate of Asa is revealed, and what’s happening to Lil Foster in the system.

Let’s recap:

During an Emergency meeting for the town, Matt Meyers recommends to everyone that they block access from the mountain to prevent the Farrells from coming down. They will add extra protection to the town. Wade is angry about the funds in the town being used to build a fence around the mountain rather than the health clinic, which does sound quite familiar to real life if you think about it. Haylie does a bit of PR for the town praising Meyers for his job and comments on Lil Foster being locked up.

There are officers trying to get Lil Foster to admit for the death of Breece. Lil Foster denies it every time. Wade tells the detectives he’ll take it from here only to be rejected by Meyers. Meyers tells Wade that the state police will handle it and have enough evidence against him for arraignment. Meyers thanks Wade for his cooperation.

Lil Foster is taken to the courthouse for his hearing. Lil Foster is given an inept defense lawyer and pleads ‘not guilty’. Bail is denied and Lil is stuck in jail. Wade looks defeated. It is obvious that the town rigged it for Lil Foster to go to jail, which happens quite often for people who don’t have the means to defend themselves.

Wade returns home with Ledda asking him about the Farrell that was caught. Wade tells her that he doesn’t think Lil Foster did it. Ledda begins to berate him about his comment. She tells him she’s done defending him and leaves.

Wade goes to the courthouse and talks to defense attorney Gardner about fair representation for Lil Foster. Gardner says to let the system take care of it. Wade asks him to help, but Gardner tells him to avoid this case as much as possible. Wade takes Lil Foster to the country jail and tells him he’ll do whatever he can to help Lil. Lil is placed into a jail cell.

Wade returns home and finds out Ledda has cancer. He is in shock.

Meanwhile, Big Foster wakes up to find himself being tied up by a family of four.The woman of the home, Corine, tends to Big Foster’s wounds and feeds him. She is shown to be abusive towards her youngest son. Big Foster wants to go to his home but is trapped.

Big Foster sees the young son being abused and tells Corine to let him be. She begins to tend to Big Foster and touches him inappropriately. She tries to seduce him, but he isn’t interested. Her husband comes down and doesn’t care that she’s on top of Big Foster. Corine tries to get with him, but Big can’t get it up.

The next day, Big hears Corine and her husband arguing and he is able to untie himself. The little boy watches him. Big offers the boy some crackers. He goes back to the corner and keeps quiet. Big finds a gun and sneaks up from the basement and attempts to leave. The husband sees him and yells for him. Big walks out and is knocked out by Corine’s oldest son.

He is now in chains and Corine says she’s going to teach him a lesson. She has her oldest son stitch him up without any painkillers. Later on, the youngest son unchains Big Foster. Big tells the little boy to go outside and run as far as he can and never come back. Big grabs a knife and kills the three family members and heads back to the mountain.

Back on the mountain, we see a group of women making the trek through the mountains. Led by Moregon, the group are the Kinnah tribe, another mountain clan consisting of only women. They gather in the Farrells town hall where Moregon asks for asylum from G’win due to the water being drained from their side of the mountain due to the Outsiders. G’win provides them water and talks to her elders about what to do with them. Many of them want to  turn them away except G’win.

G’win calls on Hasil to set up a patrol around the mountain and requests for Lil Foster. He tells G’win he doesn’t seem to trust the Kinnah tribe. G’win trusts them too easily because they speak the same language and are family. Hasil gets his cousins to monitor the mountain without using the ATVs. His cousins don’t listen and one end up losing the ATV over the newly built fence placed by the town. His cousin tells Hasil he lost the ATV. Pissed off, Hasil goes to get the ATV back, but finds Asa’s severed arm. He takes it to G’win who tells him to bury it in between the mountain and the town.

G’win brings food for the Kinnah as they begin settling into the community. Moregon and G’win converse about her leadership and Moregon begins to talk about the Kinnah family history. G’win asked about the men. Moregon says men bring pain and only use them to build their numbers.

Later on, Emely reports to G’win that there is a situation. Moregon and the Kinnah are emptying out Big Foster’s home. Moregon said some time has passed and they would be allowed to claim it. She then comments that G’win has not finished grieving and will find someplace else. G’win pauses and says it is fine for them to use it.

Krake talks to G’win about the winter surplus. He’s not sure if they could feed everyone, including the Kinnah. G’win gets upset that Krake is questioning her decision. Krake tells her he’s heard stories about them being thieves. G’win tells him they are family. A party is thrown for the Kinnah where everyone is dancing and having a good time – except the Kinnah. They are just sitting around being quiet. Moregon thanks her for her kindness and kisses her cheek, sensually.

Just then, Big Foster interrupts the celebration and calls for a circle before collapsing on the ground.

Final Thoughts

I understand the show tries to move away from anything political. The creators have even said they don’t mean to be political when it comes to their show. Life just reflects the show and not the other way around. But, after reviewing the series and the themes around the show, you could see some parallels – intentional or not.

There is a new emergency manager in town and he wants to cut off the people of the mountain by building a fence around the mountain and hiring more patrol – even if it’s cutting funds for the town’s most needed resources. Wade must listen to this new manager or face the scrutiny of losing his job and his face, even if he knows it’s not right. With Lil Foster being wrongfully imprisoned, which breaks so many laws, and given a poor defense, Lil Foster is automatically given a ‘guilty’ verdict. Because of who he is associated with, he is automatically not given a chance to explain himself.

With Lil Foster being wrongfully imprisoned, which breaks so many laws, and given a poor defense, Lil Foster is automatically given a ‘guilty’ verdict. Because of who he is associated with, he is automatically not given a chance to explain himself. This scene is often played out in our society regarding people of color and the poor who cannot afford an attorney. Even their public defenders are overworked and given little notice about these cases. The injustices of the court system are biased against certain groups of people and Outsiders presented that very well.

I’m not sure what to make of the Kinnah folk. They do seem to have something up their sleeve for being so quiet and distant. It looks like Moregon has taken an interest in our bren’in and may be a bad influence on her. Although I am all for women leadership, I can’t help but think this is going to lead to something horrible for the Farrells. But, if Krake and Shurn doesn’t trust them, then I don’t trust them.


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