A divided war for Nassau begins – Black Sails XXIX Review and Recap

The final season of Black Sails is finally here, and it starts off with a bang! Since the last we saw the pirates, Long John Silver was revealed to Nassau as the true threat, due to Billy’s plans. The Spanish gold had been buried with only a handful of people knowing its whereabouts, and the battle that pushed the pirates closer to Nassau was won. Woodes Rogers has been desperate for the gold ever since knowing that Spanish spies are aware of it and want it back, with him being held responsible. And with the black flag being raised, one last time, we finally get to see the conclusion that has been building up ever since the start of Season 3.

Everything that Flint has been fighting for is now within his grasp. Once he has Nassau under their control, they’d control the Caribbean and English trade to the Western Colonies. All that stands in his way now is Woodes Rogers, who was dealt a heavy blow thanks to Eleanor Guthrie, who is now his wife, with the execution of Charles Vain. Now, the most feared pirates are down to two, with Flint and Edward “Blackbeard” Teach accompanied by Long John Silver, and Madi the Island Queen and her freed slaves. Jack Rackham and Anne Bonny sail with Teach in hopes for revenge of Vain’s execution. The beginning of the Battle of Nassau begins in the harbor. As the pirates sail to attack, Flint notices Woodes ships are empty, and none of the guns are out in the fort. With one of the ships turning sharply, they discover a trap just as their ship hits a downed ship, and begins to capsize. As the ship tilts toward the water, Rogers begins to shoot at the ships as he signals his sloops to engage. With a last ditch effort to steady the ship, Flint fires at the fort directly, with enough hits to begin to abandon their ship.

Rackham witnessing the carnage sees as an opportunity to flee with their best ship, the Spanish Man o’ War, but not as a means to escape, but to draw Rogers’ ships away from Flint’s to allow them to escape. Before they can, Rogers’ sloops enter near Flint’s damaged ship, and fire directly at the pirates, while being hit from cannon fire. Flint and Madi manage to reach a row boat, but as Silver attempts to escape, his fake leg is caught in the rope ladder. Suddenly, as a cannon ball launches, the cannon falls in to the water, pulling the rope ladder down. Under heavy fire, Flint and Madi can only watch as Silver is dragged underwater, as their ship sinks. Captain Barringer, a new adversary, requests permission from Rogers to pursue the Spanish Man o’ War, to which Rogers agrees. With the remaining pirates on land and gathering whatever resources they have, Flint and Madi begin to cope with their loss. Billy arrives with his men and is confronted by Flint, since they weren’t warned about ambush, but he claims his messenger, Mr. Featherstone, never delivered the message. Although defeated, the remaining pirates leave with Billy to his camp. Billy explains about the recent events like the Battle at the Maroon Island, the arrival of Captain Barringer, and the threat he poses.

With a new victory under his belt, Rogers attempts to gain information from the prisoners to where Flint would have fled, including the Shipmaster, De Groot. Despite being offered leniency, De Groot refuses, and Barringer steps in. He reveals that he was at the Battle on the Maroon Island and saw his men get slaughtered, but that as soldiers of the King, he was instructed to return to England. He refused, mainly to get revenge from the battle. He proceeds to cut De Groot’s ear off after hearing that the children of the island did the same to keep as trophies. At Billy’s hideout, they contemplate their next move and disagree who will be leading the men since Silver is dead. Flint feels his worth threatened and tries to push his control over the pirates by withholding the location of the buried gold. Madi steps in, claiming she also knows the whereabouts of the gold and exclaims that there will be no “Pirate King” leading the men, implying her rule over them.

After a failed attack by Rogers’ ships in pursuit of Teach, Bonny reveals to Rackham that there are different motives brewing among the crew, and that Teach plans to send a message to Rogers with the prisoners they captured, by executing them on the deck. The message being that the war will end if he receives Eleanor Guthrie. As the night grows dark, Silver survives the battle and washes on shore. He sees an unknown man walking among the washed up men and killing those that are still alive. He attempts to crawl away but is spotted and attacked. The man recognizes his fake leg and proclaims to Silver, “Welcome home.”

And from here we are left to wonder what is in store for Flint and his crew. Rogers has dealt a heavy blow to the pirates, one that may have divided them all. Billy and Flint are nearly at each others throats, seeing as Billy has amassed his own crew who was meant to follow Silver. Not knowing that he is alive, a struggle to maintain the crew is brewing, and Madi seems to be the only one who can keep them in check. Rogers appears to have it easy, so far, but the pressure is mounting on the island to fully restore order. The pirates he has captured will be tried, which pushes Max into wondering about her dues for the services she is providing to Rogers’ men. Loyalties are being tested on both sides as the goal is shifting. Flint and Billy want Nassau, and Teach has shown he only wants Eleanor.

Who has captured Silver and what plans does he have for him? We’re off to a great start, and it’s looking bad for the pirates. Can Flint keep the crew together long enough to rejoin Silver and reclaim the island? With Captain Barringer on Rogers side, it doesn’t look good for them.

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