Pokémon Sun & Moon set to add more Mega Stones via Pokémon Global Link events

Mega Evolutions, which were introduced in Pokémon X and Y, took a backseat with the addition of Z-Moves in Pokémon Sun and Moon. Being able to further evolve some of your favorite Pokémon was a nice addition to the game, adding an element of strategy and fun in battles. While Mega Stones do exist in Sun and Moon, you aren’t able to use them until the completion of the main game.

Starting in February, The Pokémon Company will be distributing new Mega stones as gifts for players who take part in online competitions via the Pokémon Global Link. The event will kick off in late February with Mega stones for both Mawile and Beedrill which will be obtainable, with more set to be released at later times.

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