Mario Sports Superstars to break out of the gate this March

Nintendo is known for releasing sports titles featuring Mario characters, but usually not as a compilation of different sports (unless Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games counts). Luckily on March 24th, 3DS gamers can get their hands on Mario Sports Superstars, which features soccer, tennis, golf, baseball and horse racing. Horse racing?

The official website gives a brief overview without offering much more details:

“Power up to stomp the competition with five full-on sports—Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Baseball, and Horse Racing—that bring the challenge and depth you demand to Nintendo 3DS systems. Plus, collect all of the cards in the Mario Sports Superstar amiibo™ card series to recruit powered-up versions of characters.”

Nintendo promises local and online multiplayer. Plus, the games are “full-featured” sports in case anyone wondered if these were watered-down versions.

Daniel New of Thumbsticks wrote, “Each game promises to be a full-fledged experience, with 11 a-side football matches, and the return of game mechanics previously used in Mario Golf: World Tour and Mario Tennis Open.”

Do not forget the horse racing.

“The most fascinating inclusion is Horse Racing, with its carrot collecting gameplay evoking, of all things, The Legend of Zelda. That particular sport also includes a Stable Mode that features petting, feeding and grooming.”

This is a dream come true for anyone who loves horses and Nintendo.

On a final note, Camelot is the developer for Mario Sports Superstars, so longtime Nintendo gamers should be familiar with their work. In addition to Mario Tennis and Mario Golf, the company also made well-known titles such as the Shining Force series, Hot Shots Golf, and the excellent RPG Golden Sun and its sequel.

Giddy up this March on the 3DS.

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