My top three most anticipated Disney/Pixar movies for 2017

As we get into the new year, some amazing films are being released and even announced. There are even some that I’ve taken a liking too, but I would be lying to you if I didn’t tell you that my top three anticipated movies for 2017 are from Disney/Pixar. So let’s not waste any time, and talk about each film and why I’m excited.

First up, Coco.

Coco is a film that focuses on a little boy who lives in a small village in Mexico. His family members¬†are shoemakers, but he has much bigger dreams than that. Miguel wants to pursue music, despite his family’s premonition regarding it.

I’m really looking forward to this Pixar animation because I was a big fan of The Book of Life, and I really love the fact we are getting a better look into the marvelous country and its culture. I love when Pixar goes out of the box and the fact the movie looks really colorful makes me way happy.

Coco is set to come out November 22nd, 2017. Who else is excited?

Next up, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.

I have been a fan of this franchise for as long as I can remember. When the very first film came out in 2003, I officially sold my soul to become a pirate. (I’m not joking, I actually signed my name in a book.)

The moment the 5th movie was announced, I was so damn happy. After Stranger Tides, its 4th member of the movie family, I was sad that we never got to see what happened to Elizabeth and Will. And as much as I love Syrena and Phillip, our original love story will always be oh so dear to my heart. Besides that, who wouldn’t want to see more of Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow?

The fun-filled, pirate movie is set to be released May 26, 2017, and I hope time goes by quick!

Third and my most anticipated on the list, Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson.

We have been covering this film the moment Disney announced its existence. I. Am. So. Pumped.

All of Disney’s motives to make classic Disney films into live-action ones are going 500% in the right way. As much as I am a fan of the original animations, bringing life to my favorite classics has made me the happiest person.

When Beauty and the Beast¬†was announced along with its live-action cast, I was more than stoked! Emma Watson is really going to embody Belle, and the detailing and thought they’ve put into making this film is incredible. Judging by the trailer, they seem to be going for a darker side to the heartfelt original. Which is completely okay with me! I don’t ever expect remakes to resemble their parent’s 100%.

Beauty and the Beast will be released March 17, 2017. It’s just around the corner!

While I’m excited for Cars 3 and the newest addition to the Star Wars family, the three films I mentioned above definitely take the trophies. What’re you looking forward to most in 2017 regarding Disney flicks?

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