Top 5 terrible live-action anime movies

I’ve grown up watching anime for quite some time now, and it looks like we’re in the era where they’re finally starting to be acknowledged properly and turned into decent live-action movies. Throughout the years I’ve been blessed to walk on this planet, and I’ve been privileged enough to experience quite a lot of awesome anime storylines and read a lot of high-quality manga series as well. A lot of these stories seem like it could go well on-screen; however, that’s not always the case. Here are my top 5 live-action anime movies that were absolute trash.

Dragonball Evolution

A few years ago, Hollywood had recently attempted to recreate a popular anime called Dragon Ball Z into a live-action movie; that didn’t turn out too well. Not only were the characters cast horribly, the storyline was complete garbage. If you ever have spare time to sit down and watch this movie – don’t. Find something else to fill your time because watching this movie was just as great as getting a root canal and an alien anal probe at the same time. He literally yells “DRAGON!!” when summoning Shen Long with the dragon balls. My roommate at the time was laughing so hard at this scene he had to leave the room. Get that crap out of here.

City Hunter

In the past, there was a great manga/anime series called City Hunter. The main story involved a character named Ryo Saeba, who is somewhat of a freelancer/womanizer who works with a private investigator. The series was filled with gun fights and the usual detective-style work. You’d think this would be a great formula for a movie since it has all the elements for a P.I. adventure – wrong. Unfortunately, the live-action rendition involved Jackie Chan, whom I respect dearly, but he played Ryo Saeba and pretty much turned it into a comedic kung fu action flick. Ryo Saeba did not know an ounce of kung fu in the entire series. The only saving grace was the Street Fighter 2 sketch they inserted into the movie, however, that’s not saying much. My verdict on this disaster of a movie: terribad.

Attack on Titan

Attack on Titan was a recent release and didn’t fair so well either. Despite the series being a complete hit, the movie was a dumpster fire. The manga and anime series made you love the characters and it felt like a cross between The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones since people would die abruptly that you learned to love. George R.R. Martin has no involvement in this series whatsoever. In the live-action movie, the characters were bland, whiny, and pointless. There was no sense of morality and I didn’t really care when people died. That’s already a terrible sign if you can’t relate or empathize with the characters. With all the zipping around and killing of the titans, I was rooting for the titans to win because I got so annoyed with the characters.


Casshern looked like it would be an awesome hit but turned immediately from hit to shit. This live-action movie was based on an anime in the early 1970s and it did not go well. The storyline is a complete mess and had more holes in it than America’s current infrastructure. I was seriously caught by this movie’s trailer only to find out that that was the only good part about this movie. I will admit that the movie has some cool visuals here and there, but other than that, no thanks. Avoid this movie at all costs.

Fist of the Northstar

The last live-action anime movie that should have never come out was Fist of the Northstar. Do not watch this fucking movie because it’s so low budget that the fighting scenes didn’t look anywhere close to the anime; those were the highlights of the anime, too. Me slapping you in the face would have been better choreography than this movie. Complete waste.

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