WGN’s Outsiders season 2 sneak peek review

It’s hard to believe it’s been ten months since the season finale of the WGN America’s hit series Outsiders. There were so many cliffhangers that needed to be addressed. Fortunately, many of those questions are answered within the first episode of the second season, including the fate of Big Foster.

Last season, we were introduced to the characters and their relationship dynamic and got to see each bren’in rise (and fall) to power. This season, we know our characters and explore their new responsibilities and come to understand their choices.

With the events of last season, there is tension inside the clan. G’win (Gillian Alexy), the newly installed bren’in, must do what is best for her clan, even though at times, it seems she has no clue what that is. She also deals with the guilt of how she came to power. Through poison, Asa, and Big Foster, G’win took Big Foster’s life. Something like that isn’t very easy to shake off. She is faced with problems as she must deal with herself, the clan, the outsiders, and new visitors that threaten her way of life.

As for Lil Foster (Ryan Hurst), he has a much bigger role this season. Last season left audiences feeling sorry for him for losing his fiancee (to his father) and being shunned by his own people. Lil Foster has always been a great character and tearing him down has allowed him to become stronger. He wants to do what is right for his people, even if it requires him to go into the Outsiders’ world. Hurst’s performance stands out this season. We see a new Lil Foster emerge from the ashes of his father’s shadow and we like what we see.

We do explore a bit of the outside world through the eyes of Wade (Thomas M. Wright). He was so determined to deal with the Farrells, but he’ll have more to lose this season. Life sneaks up on you when you’re so focused on something else for so long. We eventually see him making amends with several people he had wronged throughout his life. We may even see a flick of respect between him and Haylie (Francie Swift), which is pretty unexpected. Haylie was seen as the villain last season, and rightfully so, but the show begins to peel through her many layers to find out just why she is the way she is. Maybe Wade has been wrong this whole time.

Of course, our star-crossed lovers Hasil and Sally-Ann are faced with difficult situations. Hasil has to keep his commitment to both his clan and his relationship with Sally-Ann. Now with G’win in power, Hasil is basically G’win’s right-hand man (after Lil Foster). Sally-Ann must deal with the consequences of running away with a Farrell. She begins to rebuild her life after last season but is faced with many challenges that are often too realistic in life.

After watching the first three episodes, the theme seems to be redemption. Many of our characters did horrible things – of course, some for good reasons – and we see them try to make up for these past behaviors. G’win is trying to move passed her past and lead the people; Lil Foster is trying to claim back his dignity and do what is right; Wade must get over his problems with the Farrells to fully deal with a personal crisis; and Hasil and Sally-Ann attempt to move on with their lives.

Outsiders season two touches on so many real-life situations and the responses are genuine. There is no magic. No voodoo spells, which I began to question last season. Everything on this show is about symbolism and is connected some way or another. The characters are well-established and the storylines are even more engaging this season than last. There are also so many surprises and twists for this season – and I only caught three episodes out of the ten. Prepared to be enchanted this season.

Outsiders returns Tuesday, January 24th on WGN America.

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