First look at Universe Survival Arc in Dragon Ball Super

With only two weeks away from the Universe Survival Arc in Dragon Ball Super, we were treated to a quick sneak peek. The trailer came as a bit of a surprise, seeing as most teases were for the following episodes, but the second sneak peek had lots of good details. We get a good look at several sets of Kaioshins/Supreme Kais with their respective God of Destruction, although we don’t see all 12. A few visual fights of Goku and Vegeta with unknown opponents, Cabba going Super Saiyan and Frost turning into his final form. The biggest surprise comes with an unknown female who doesn’t just turn Super Saiyan but instead turns Legendary Super Saiyan.

This small reveal is important as it confirms 2 bits of Dragon Ball theories. The first being the inclusion of the Legendary Super Saiyan as part of the Dragon Ball canon. Originally, the Legendary Super Saiyan was part of the Dragon Ball Z movie series as a protagonist known as Broly, who showed an immense surge of power when he reached that level. This transformation stage is higher than most Super Saiyan levels as it greatly increases muscle mass without sacrificing speed, which Broly shows by easily beating 4 Super Saiyans.

The second theory is that female Saiyans can also turn Super Saiyan. A female Saiyan has never been shown to have reached the Super Saiyan level, but there aren’t any female Saiyans to begin with except for Pan and Bulla. It’s been long speculated that a female Saiyan is able to reach Super Saiyan with the same training, and this finally confirms it. With these new confirmations, who knows what other surprises are in store for us when the Universe Survival Arc begins.

The fight for survival begins Sunday, February 5 (Japan) and Saturday, February 4 (US)!

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