A look into Season 2 Episode 9 of Con Man

Who doesn’t love Alan Tudyk? Honestly. Better yet, who doesn’t love his newest show, Con Man?

Starring the man himself, and Nathan Fillion alongside him, these two bring lives to their characters. Tudyk, a struggling actor trying to stay in the spotlight, is doing everything he can to keep up his reputation. (Sound a little like someone?) Jealous of Fillion’s character’s success, Tudyk roams around science fiction conventions to find his purpose. Even better, Alan bases his experiences in the show on real life events. Although to some exaggeration, they’re pretty damn hilarious.

I had the lovely privilege of watching the premiere or season 2 at Comic Con HQ this past December. But now, I’m giving you the privilege to see this exclusive clip of season 2, episode 9. Enjoy!


If you haven’t watched season 1 yet, please do. It’s such a great show, and right after I saw the season 2 premiere, I went back and watched it all myself.

Check it out here!

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