Star Wars Battlefront VR Mission transports you into a galaxy far, far away

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, or to be precise last year, we saw the release of Star Wars Battlefront. We’ve seen a fair amount of DLC content set around the original trilogy and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The latest update not only adds a new map from the recently released Rogue One: A Star Wars Story film, but also what is probably the best post-release content for any game which is exclusively made for the PlayStation VR.

Star Wars Battlefront VR Mission is a Virtual Reality game that puts you in the cockpit of an X-Wing, as you navigate through an asteroid field, and quickly find yourself in a battle against waves of TIE fighters, and even face off against an Imperial Star Destroyer. Development of the Star Wars VR Experience was given to Criterion, which honestly did an amazing job making this. While I’ve had the chance to try various titles on the PS VR in the last two years, nothing has really ever immersed me as much as this title.

Once you’ve taken flight, everything is pretty straightforward as you and a team of three AI-controlled X-Wing pilots take off on a rescue mission. The game quickly helps you adjust to the controls as you travel through an asteroid field where you can freely dodge, roll and blast asteroids. The experience and sensations of being able to look in every direction and seeing something different is a huge plus. Looking to your left and right you see the vast depth of space and debris, the wings of your X-Wing, and even your partner droid who makes the occasional chirping noises.

It’s one thing I really appreciated in this game. In other titles the emphasis on speed and movement might get you a little dizzy. It’s a bit slower paced compared to other titles I’ve played including EVE Valkyrie, but it just feels right especially with the controls.

If you own a copy of Star Wars Battlefront on the PlayStation 4 (physically or digitally), the VR Mission is a free download. You don’t even need the season pass to access it. It’s a great addition to the PS VR library of exclusive titles and something I hope we see more of.

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