Must-see Disney/Pixar animated shorts

After having a Disney and Pixar marathon, I decided that it was time to shine some light on select Disney and Pixar shorts that really deserve the spotlight. For us hardcore Disney fans, I know we could name Disney shorts right off the bat. But sometimes, they don’t get the recognition they need! And I don’t know about you, but part of what makes the Disney watching experience even better is looking forward to whatever short comes on before the actual movie. I’m personally a fan of short stories, so the couple minute movies before each proper film are a huge thing for me! So, here’s three of my all time favorite Disney/Pixar shorts so far!


I remember when LAVA first came out before Inside Out. Honestly, I loved the short more than I loved the actual movie! Looking back now, I feel like it was almost preparing us for Moana. It was free spirited, relaxing, and heartfelt. Focusing on two volcanoes who love each other but can’t see each other, we explore their journey and finally end up watching them meet face to face for the first time. It’s by far one of my favorite recent shorts. (I mean, why would you even think about disliking it?!)

Inner Workings

Inner Workings is Disney’s newest short film, and it came on before Moana. Although the full short has not been released online yet, a trailer for it can be seen above.

The short itself is so relevant to modern times and focuses on the inner being of a modern day man. He has a crappy job, doing the same thing everyday, and doesn’t really go outside the box. His heart is telling him to reach beyond his own boundaries and make life fun, but his brain is telling him otherwise. Everything is dull, and depression falls upon him. As we conclude, our main character realizes that following his heart is far more important than the routine he is currently following. It’s so damn good, and really makes you realize that following your heart is the way to go.

To add to that, the animation for it is really good, and unlike most I’ve seen. Once it comes out full release online, we’ll link it here so you can watch!


I think most would agree with me when I say that Paperman was one of the best Disney shorts I’ve ever seen. The style, the story, and the art really took me back and reminded me of my favorite genre.

We follow the story of a man like the one I described above; he lives a dull life and doesn’t have much to look forward to. That is, until, he meets a young woman who makes him laugh. After he realizes she’s gone, he goes on a mission to find her. To do so, he follows a paper plane back to her.

It’s creative, beautiful, and there’s plenty of reasons why it’s an Oscar winner.

Although there is an abundance of Disney shorts I adore, for now, these are for sure my top three favorites. If you haven’t seen them yet, what’re you doing?! Scroll back up and treat yourself.

What are some of your favorite Disney shorts?

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