Fnatic Duel TMA-2 headset review

If you haven’t heard of Fnatic, here’s a little tidbit about the company: It’s very popular in the world of professional competitive gaming. It boasts a lot of PC gaming accessories that range from keyboards, mice, mouse pads, clothing, and keychains in its online shop. However, today we’ll just be reviewing its DUEL TMA-2 gaming headset. It’s supposed to be one of the best headsets and we’re about to find out.

The Packaging

The outer box is simple and very nice to look at. The white boxing gives it a very clean look with no other plastics that get in the way. The box just by itself felt very professional since there were no unnecessary external parts.

The Accessories

Once you open the box, the inside was very well laid out. You immediately are greeted with a warranty pamphlet inside a folder coupled with a quick start guide. Everything else inside was packaged on its own which gave it an appealing to look at. You not only get the accessories to assemble the headset together, you also get a micro fiber travel bag to keep the headset in if you’re on the go. I felt like I was about to assemble some sort of special robot since the packaging was all in black bags with high-quality labeling.

Inside the Box:

  • On-Cable Mic
  • Boom Mic
  • Speaker Units
  • Over-Ear Earpads
  • On-Ear Earpads
  • Headband
  • Mic Splitter
  • Micro Fiber Pouch

The Fnatic Duel TMA-2 Headset

As I stated above, the headset itself needs to be assembled first. This is one of the cool things since assembling it was a piece of cake. One of the key components of the headset is that the earpads could be changed out – according to your comfort needs. You can also change out the mics from the boom mic to the traditional adjustable headset mic. I personally prefer the headset mic as the boom mic made me feel like I was talking on my iPhone, which is not something I want to be doing when I’m gaming. Of course, that’s just me.

Technical Specs

Diameter 40 mm
Impedance 32 Ohm
Rated Power 30 mW
Mac Power 70 mW
Magnet Type Neodymium
Resonance Frequency 75 Hz
Sound Pressure Level 117 dB
Diaphragm Material PET + Titanium
Dimensions W: 180mm

H: 200mm

D: 95mm

Net Weight 275g

Final Reaction

This headset came inside high-quality packaging and didn’t fail to deliver. The sound is very crisp and when I utilized the over-ear earpads, it drowned out any external noise. I play a lot of immersive PC games that have a high quantity of ambient sounds, and this headset helped me to enjoy the gaming experiences over and over. That said, there are some drawbacks to this headset.

If this headset also came with a wireless option along with a USB connection, it would have been perfect. All of my other gaming headsets are now wireless with USB connectors. Having to dust off my analog connectors made it feel like I was gaming in the early 2000s again, when all headsets were wired. And yes, I am taking into account that this is a pro-gaming headset where you don’t want the possibility of losing sound, which does occur on wireless headsets. However, this doesn’t take much away from final score.

There’s also no volume control on the headset itself. You will have to control the sound via your operating system’s main volume, or your the volume control within the game you’re playing. I found this strange since, again, a majority of gaming headsets have this available to them.

The price tag is a little steep as well, but if you’re willing to shell out the extra scratch, you won’t be disappointed with the sound output from this magnificent headset!

Price: $199.99 USD

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Atoms

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