‘Batman Vol. 1: I Am Gotham’ showcases compelling tale of emotion and bravery (preview)

As much as the discussion is still wide open, in terms of their films, it’s pretty easy to say that DC is still knocking it out of the park in several other media forms. Their television shows are still incredible, bringing in thousands of viewers weekly. Their cartoons and animated films have continued to wow audiences with their ability to create outstanding products. My personal favorites in the animated film category have got to be 2010’s Batman: Under the Red Hood and 1993’s Batman: Mask of the Phantasm. But all of these pale in comparison to the incredible writing and artwork produced by the teams at DC Comics, as the latest event, the DC Universe Rebirth, has created unique situations and opportunities for some of our favorite characters, and we got our hands on the latest volume to be released this week, Batman Volume 1: I Am Gotham.

The graphic novel, written by Tom King and illustrated by David Finch, chronicles the events that occur after Scott Snyder and Greg Capull0’s outstanding run that ended last year. King, who’s history with DC include the outstanding series, The Sheriff of Babylon, and penned the really odd Vision story for Marvel for two years, stepped up to the task at hand, and what came as a result is a tale of Batman that will keep you captivated. Finch’s contributions to DC are so massive that it would take up most of this article just naming each one, so let’s just come to an understanding: Finch is an icon in the world of art. So with these two on the team, you can’t go wrong!


The story chronicles Batman’s encounter with two new superheroes, who aptly call themselves Gotham and Gotham Girl. These two have incredible powers, from the ability of flight to inconceivable strength, and are adamant in joining Batman’s fight to save their city. It’s up to the Caped Crusader to show them how to be the protectors that Gotham needs, and when an unforeseen sinister force is unleashed on Gotham, if Bruce has to choose, can he save both the city he loves and the heroes under his wing?

Let’s be honest: the last run was so good. I mean, soooooo good. To follow up that storyline with a whole new writer kind of gave me a bit of a worry. I figured I’d wait a bit for the first volume of the new run to come out to get a good grasp of it, and see if it was worth buying. This is all I can say: it’s totally worth it. The story gives fans as much of an emotional ride as it gives an action-packed ride, not skimping out on the awesome fight scenes. The journey that this run gives fans lets you see Batman do something that he rarely, if ever, does: face his own mortality. We see a world where Batman is unsure of his purpose in Gotham, and question the need for any of the Bat family, now that there are Superman-esque individuals in the city.

I love stories that show that they put as much work into the subtle and introspective moments as much as they did to the fight sequences and action scenes. You have the duality of man fully perpetuated in each panel as Batman, who almost faces death with the first few pages, starts to question his existence as the Bat, and, ultimately, his choice to become the Dark Knight as a result of his parent’s death. The final panels of the volume give us an obvious nod to Amanda Waller’s unique team, as Batman must create his own “Suicide Squad” to accomplish a task to save those he loves.

The novel, although different in art styles and storytelling, deserves a monstrous applause. This novel not only takes every key moment from the Court of Owls run, but also from the Endgame run, and of course, what is happening currently in the Rebirth event, and combines all of those subtle- and not so subtle- nods to create a story that will have fans falling over in excitement. You can definitely expect to see old characters, new characters, and stand in anticipation of what is next to come for the Dark Knight.

You can buy your own copy either at your local comic book store, or by heading over to Amazon by clicking here.

Batman Vol. 1: I Am Gotham will be available January 17, 2017.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

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