Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers coming to Nintendo Switch

We can all sit around make jokes about how many iterations of Street Fighter II Capcom released. Street Fighter II: The World Warriors was released back in 1991 and saw quite a few updates including 2008’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix but its recent reveal for the Nintendo Switch may get fans excited with the addition of two new characters.

For the first time, Evil Ryu will join the fight in the Street Fighter II series. The character was first introduced in the Street Fighter Alpha series and has regularly made appearances in later titles. The second character revealed is Violent Ken, who is the result of M. Bison kidnapping and brainwashing Ken, enhancing his abilities with Psycho Power and twisting his brotherly rivalry with Ryu into hatred. While the character did appear in the Street Fighter II: The Animated Movie, he made his fighting game debut in SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos, making this only the second time the character is playable.

The game will be playable in both pixel-mode which is designed to look like the original arcade game, or in beautiful HD with graphics created by Udon Entertainment.

No announcement on the game will be released was announced.

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