Innex reveals new additions to retro line including improved Super Retro Trio

A few year’s back, Retro-Bit released the Super Retro Trio, something we still use to this day (you can read the review here). It’s clone console that is capable of playing Super Nintendo, Nintendo, as well as Sega Genesis. Something else most people weren’t aware was that you could also play Sega Mega Drive and even Super Famicom games right out of the box.

At CES, Innex revealed that the Super Retro Trio will be getting an upgrade which includes an HDMI port for slightly improved visuals. The Super Retro Trio HD will release around May and retail for $79.99. This is just 10 more than the original¬†Super Retro Trio, and it isn’t bad, especially since you won’t have to worry about using the AV cable ever again.

Innex also revealed a stand-alone NES Retro clone which also includes HDMI support for $39.99.

Innex also revealed a few other items coming later in the year including a new line of controllers featuring different designs from different Capcom properties including Mega Man, Street Fighter and Ghouls N’ Ghosts that will be available for the Nintendo, Super Nintendo and PC. It also showed off the Super Retro Boy which is a handheld system made to look like the original Gameboy system that runs Gameboy, Gameboy Color and Gameboy Advance games. My only issue with the handheld is that the L & R buttons are located right above the A & B buttons, which if you’re playing a Gameboy or Gameboy Color game, it’s not even used, but in certain GBA games, it’s going to be uncomfortable to use.

Finally, a Retro-Bit Generations Portable was shown. The system was released late last year. While it had a lot of promise, it also had some glaring issues which included problems with the emulation which made some games difficult to play. These issues are being dealt, so it may be a system to keep and eye on if indeed all the problems are fixed, because there are some pretty great titles available on the Generations, and having a portable system to play them on is a bit tempting.

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