Season two of Outsiders brings new journey for the Farrells

WGN America’s Outsiders returns this month and from the looks of things, we should expect a lot of drama for our favorite clan and small town.

During Tuesday’s Paley Live event at the Paley Center in Beverly Hills, the cast and creators walked the red carpet, and revealed just what to expect.

Producer and director Jon Amiel wouldn’t reveal much, but did warn us that there are many surprises, and not many they expected, as well. But, don’t expect them to be political in their stories.

“I would never say it’s a political show. It’s not. It’s a show that touches on a lot of issues that are very meaningful to all of us,” Amiel explains. “How do we continue as an industrial nation and still respect the environment? How do you balance all those things? There are a lot of issues that are going to really effect working people and thinking people. So in that respect, it has a lot of meaning for people.”

As for our favorite cast of characters, there have been a lot of changes. With Big Foster gone, G’win is now the Bren’in, and must stand up and fight for her people from the terrors that lie in the town, amidst the tensions within her own people.

Gillian Alexy, who plays the fearless leader G’win, told us, “I think that G’win is really being asked to put her money where her mouth is.  She was so vocal in season one about how things should have been done and how we’re supposed to rule and how we’re supposed to live our life. She finds herself being in the position of actually being responsible for all of that. She’s going to have to live up to her word.”

Of course, G’win wouldn’t be where she is without help from Asa, who was able to escape from the box last season. Will G’win finally forgive him and welcome him back into the family?

Alexy isn’t so sure. “The reason why G’win did what she did at the end of season one with Asa and Li’l Foster,” she explains. “I don’t know, maybe she didn’t know what her full plan (was) but maybe it’s to keep everyone up on the mountain. Controlling that was probably a big reason to why she kept him in the box. Now that he’s broken free, I don’t think she quite knows what to do about that new situation. It seems like the mountain has offered up their own answer for that.”

As for Li’l Foster, the writers have their own plans for him. Instead of being by G’win’s side, Li’l Foster gets lost in the outsider world. Ryan Hurst tells Nerd Reactor, “For Li’l, he gets isolated from his family early on and has to question who he is. Not being a son. Not being a husband. Who he is outside of his family. Just for himself. I think that’s a journey that everybody goes through, to a certain extent. He has to do a latent life in a very strange environment. That’s his spiritual awakening.”

But don’t worry, Li’l Foster won’t be there the entire season. Hurst tells us Li’l Foster will come back to the mountain “just as fantastic as the way he was put in there.”

This season has Francine Swift, who played villain Haley, moved as a series regular.  Swift tells us her character doesn’t really change, but that we see a little bit more of her.

“She tries so hard to cover everything with her mask of a smiling corporate being,” says Swift. “I think in season two, you start to see behind that a little bit. You see moments where that’s cracking, or moments you’re let into those side moments that she had when she doesn’t have that persona on.”

She might not be the villain any longer. The series will introduce a new character, emergency manager Matt Meyers, who may cause complications for both Wade and Haley.

Swift explains, “Her focus is still on getting that mountain mined, but because there is a new character that enters: Matt Meyers. He kinda takes on some of that immediate conflict with Sheriff Houghton and because he’s doing that, it allows our relationship to become complex and interesting and different than last year.”

As for our star-crossed lovers Hasil and Sally-Ann, aka “Sasil,” what’s going to happen to them?

Kyle Gallner, who plays the long-haired Hasil Farrell, revealed it all to us.

“We die. Episode three. We blow up and die,” joked Gallner.

He continues with the truth, “You watch us through the whole season. We have to figure things out. We left at not great terms and season two, the honeymoon period is kinda over and they have to move into adult life. It’s not that fun-loving ‘hey, let’s hook up at someone’s house and fool around.’ They have to ask themselves the real serious questions. Is this going to work? Can they make it work? Should they make it work? Hasil is torn between her and his loyalty to his family. So, he has a lot going on this season. He has a lot to figure out.”

Hasil’s other half, Sally-Ann, may have a problem getting back with Hasil. Christina Jackson tells us, “I want to say that I don’t know that they’re going to be reunited in a way that people think and what they want us to be. That’s not the reality for these two people. Season two is them trying to get back what we left off with.”

So there may be hope for the characters!? Maybe a start-over?

“I think that’s one of those subjects that Hasil and Sally-Ann will have to talk about, and going to start a lot of conversations,” says Gallner. “That’s going to stay with them the entire season. It’s one of those very real things that forces these two people to have a conversation about.”

Of course, the series teased the return of Big Foster to the series. Will things be the same when he returns to the clan?

Hurst quickly turn down an emotional reunion between father and son. Shaking his head no, Hurst said, “I would just probably say ‘too little, too late.’ His father sort of abused him his entire life and he’s had about enough.”

Outsiders second season airs on January 24th on WGN America.


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