Naughty America VR turned me on in a packed room at CES

Naughty America is moving grounds with VR, and thanks to the technology, porn finally made an appearance at CES 2017 since 1998. With a lot of cool tech being shown off all over Las Vegas, I must admit that the Naughty America VR room was pretty basic. To top it off, it was tucked in the back of South Hall 2, blending in with the other meeting rooms. Once inside, you can see a bunch of attendees waiting in line to try out virtual porn. There were many setups using the Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive VR.

Naughty America CIO Ian Paul mentioned how there weren’t many attendees in the room at the beginning of CES. The doors were closed because the Consumer Technology Association, the organization behind CES, didn’t want too much porn attention. In the end, it agreed on having one door open and a very plain sign outside. Naughty America also had the help of the female street team walking around the convention floor to promote Naughty America’s presence at CES.

Alright, so how’s the VR? We were able to test it out using the HTC Vive. According to Paul, the Vive was the best device for Naughty America VR, with Samsung Gear VR coming in second and Oculus Rift last. With the traditional VR, a lot of the immersive experiences give you a full 360-degree environment. I asked Paul why the porn company opted for just a 180-degree experience. It all comes down to resolution, and if they did a full 360-degree environment, the resolution would suffer, and that means fewer details on the adult actresses. Makes sense.

VR already makes you feel like you’re in another world, so adding sex into it is a lot of icing on the cake… or should I say, icing inside the cake. The first clip I saw was of my virtual self at the beach with a woman playing with water. She decides to ditch the beach and have some fun at my virtual self’s place. Things get heated, and the coolest part was when she kissed me on the lips. It almost felt like we were actually kissing.

Naughty America knows how to turn up the heat. If you’re into adult content and being immersed, then definitely check out Naughty America VR.

Since porn has helped with the popularity of VHS and Blu-ray, I wonder if it will do the same with VR. Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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