Uncharted movie finally gets a screenplay

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It seems like there’s been nothing but bad news for the film version of the Uncharted video game series. Back in the fall, we reported that Sony Pictures had removed the film from its release calendar and more recently reported that Mark Wahlberg had dropped out of the project, a huge blow indeed. Considering these setbacks, it looked like the project was doomed, but a new development may just give hope to the many fans of the series.

The Uncharted movie now, finally, has a script thanks to Joe Carnahan who was recently brought on board to write the adaptation for the film which has been in development for years. The writer posted an image of the script’s title page to Instagram recently, calling the final product ‘a beast’ and ‘monstrously cool’.

The film was supposed to begin filming in 2015, but clearly that didn’t happen. However, the script completion could mean that the movie will begin filming this year as director Shawn Levy previously indicated.

Nonetheless, even if the project gets off the ground, there’s a strong chance it will disappoint fans if past video game movies are any indication. Look at the very promising Assassin’s Creed; even with the incredibly talented and prestigious cast which includes Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard and a budget to bring it all to life, it’s still failing to please critics or make a large profit. But, maybe 27th time’s a charm?

Also, we still need a Nathan Drake!

Via: Polygon

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