Mark Hamill’s Joker returns to read a Donald J. Trump tweet

It began when writer Matt Oswalt posted on Twitter that president-elect Donald Trump’s New Year’s Eve Tweet sounded something like Batman’s arch enemy would say before wreaking havoc on Gotham City.

Enter maniacal laughter.

Recently Mark Hamill decided to record himself reading that exact tweet in the voice of the Joker from Batman Animated series/Batman Arkham video game series. It’s such an iconic performance from Hamill, and he just nails reading this tweet perfectly.

After Hamill posted the voice clip online, Matt Oswalt and Mark Hamill had a few interesting tweets online.

Mark Hamill isn’t the first voice actor to read Donald J. Trump quotes in character. Late last year, Billy West uploaded voice clips of himself reading various quotes from Trump over the last decade and a half in the voice of Futurama’s Captain Zapp Brannigan.

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