CES 2017: LG W7 OLED TV may look invisible, but its presence was huge

This year’s CES, LG unveiled the brand-new (and not yet available) W7 OLED, which might be the most impressive TV you will ever see yet. With the nickname of “Wallpaper,” the LG W7 is only 3.85mm thick which is less than a stack of 2 nickels! Even from the side the TV is nearly invisible but still offers a wide field of view. The W7 can only be mounted to the wall using a magnetic mount and has a single cable that goes to the impressive 4.2 channel speaker bar which pop ups 2 speakers and acts as the media player or source connectors. The soundbar also supports Dolby Atmos which we were able to experience, and it definitely lives up to its expectations.

The LG OLED w7 comes in both a 77″ model and a 65″ model wich weigh just 27  and 18 pounds which in insanely light for a TV. The W7 also features 4 x HDMI inputs and Wireless 802.11 AC. Its native resolution is 3840 x 2160 (4K television) which can be pre-ordered through Best Buy.

Check out the video below of both the tunnel of LG TVs and a short presentation of the TV itself. Check out our YouTube channel as well for new videos from CES!


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