Duncan Jones reveals details for a potential Warcraft 2 film

The Warcraft franchise is full of rich lore that could span several movies in order to cover everything. One of the challenges the film Warcraft faced, was being able to tell two clear sides of a war that took place over decades. Many changes were made to adjust the story into a film setting, and make an easier transition in storytelling that would set the foundation for future sequels. After its less-than-stellar box office performance, a potential sequel has been put into doubt.

During a recent conversation on Twitter, Joweh Doomhammer made a comment about not having Doomplate on Orgrim while posting a nice render. Warcraft director Duncan Jones made a comment saying Doomplate would be seen in Warcraft 2, if it happens. The conversation doesn’t end there though as Jones reveals more details on what he’d put in Warcraft 2, like the orcs learning how to build plate armor, the floating city Dalaran landing in the Alterac Mountains (where it’s originally located), possible appearance of Paladins, and Go’el’s imprisonment and a few details regarding Khagdar, Lothar and Varian.

You can read the full conversation below.

Based on the details that Jones had, a sequel to Warcraft could have a time jump if the focus is on Go’el’s imprisonment. Go’el’s story is covered in Warcraft 3, where he is known as Thrall. Thrall’s backstory is told through novels however, which is focused more on his youth and could be inspiration for his arc in Warcraft 2. In the game Warcraft 3, he’s the leader of the horde and leads the freed orcs that were enslaved after the Second War. Warcraft just barely scratched the surface of the First War, which ends with the destruction of Stormwind.

With so many stories and characters as well as events that take, the First War could very easily be at least 2 movies to cover it all along with a movie that’ll link it to the Second War, which could be several movies itself as well. I doubt the intention of the Warcraft film franchise would span this many movies, especially with how Warcraft sped through it’s first film. Time will tell if there ever will be a Warcraft 2.

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