Will LG scrap the modular phone?

Last year, we saw the launch of a new modular smartphone that was supposed to be the way of the future. The LG G5 entered the scene with it’s removable battery slot that doubled as the port for the modular attachments, such as a camera grip. I used the phone for a short period, and it honestly felt cheaply made. Mainly when it came to the modular port, it felt like the piece didn’t match up with the back of the phone. Well, it seems as though LG didn’t consider the phone a success either, if a new leak is to be trusted .

According to Korea’s ETNews, LG’s next flagship phone (which for now is known as the G6) will feature a glass back with curved sides, much like the Samsung S7. Reports claim that this may not just be for the premium look, but also to facilitate wireless charging -which LG removed from its flagships after the G2. Conflicting reports say that rather than glass, the “G6” will have an all metal body. In either case, the modular design is going away and it looks like the removable battery may be at risk as well.

Other reports claim that the “G6” may be waterproof as well, which would put it in line with the Samsung S7 and the iPhone 7, but again, neither of these have a removable battery. LG seems to be the last of the major phone manufactures to have this feature it would be rather disappointing if it was done away with just to remove the modular design.

For the foreseeable future, it looks as though Motorolla will be the only manufacture sticking with a modular phone. Maybe that is because it was done right.

Source: ETNews.com

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