New images and promos for A Series of Unfortunate Events

Two weeks! That’s all that is left to countdown until A Series of Unfortunate Events finally premieres on Netflix. How excited are you?! I’ve had my doubts about the show, especially since I think the modern-Edwardian fashion in the original movie really captured the overall feel of all the Lemony Snicket’s books. Since the new series has yet to showcase that, I was a bit distraught. However, with new images being released, along with a few more trailers and clips, I must admit, I’m getting quite excited.

Putting aside all of my love for the costumes in the original movie, the new series- debuting on January 13th- still gives you the same type of feeling you would get when reading. The lighting and overall tone of the movie is quite dark, reminding you that this is still a tragic story. The children look just like they do in the book illustrations, which is really refreshing. Our Baudelaire’s also look really animated and whimsical, in a sense, adding to the originality of Snicket’s writing.

On top of that, I must add that it seems as if the series takes place in the ’40s, or, at least, is heavily inspired by the time era. I’m so incredibly happy about this, that I can’t even begin to contain my excitement about it!

Although I’m trying to remain calm until the first episode debuts, so that I can have a proper first impression of it. But it’s so hard! It’s really drawing me in. Let’s take a look at some of the new photos:


I really adore the colors used. Even though I’m a fan of the gothic-styled clothing from the first movie, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny seem to be bringing some color into the depressing world around them. Even though there is a lot more color and more of a modern feel in this new series, there are loads of implications regarding the old timey / antique feel. All of the colors are fairly dark, making you feel depressed – which is exactly what Snicket wants. I do love that in the original film; they never reveal who Lemony Snicket is.

In the new series, Patrick Warburton plays our beloved author. I’m looking forward to seeing how his role plays out.

Here’s our newest look into the show:

What do you think? Are there any long term fans that are excited or not excited for the show? We’d love to hear your opinions. I’m really hoping they stay true to the original writing of Lemony Snicket, and pick up all of his tones and beautiful way with words.

Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events will premiere on Friday, January 13, on Netflix.


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