Is Nickelodeon behind a new animated Nintendo show?


Nintendo fans must be pleased to read recent headlines on Google. A quick search will reveal article titles such as “Nickelodeon may be working on an animated Nintendo show” and “Rumour: Animated Nintendo Series Being Developed By Nickelodeon.” It has been a while since a non-Pokemon Nintendo cartoon show hit airwaves.

In the first article mentioned, Brittany A. Roston of Slash Gear explains the situation, or what is known so far.

“According to Federation Studios’ Fred Seibert, there’s some project underway that ‘needs to go unnamed,’ but it is ‘based on one of the most world famous video games of the last 30 years.’ While there are many games that could fit the bill, speculation has it the game comes from Nintendo,” she wrote.

There is wide speculation the game in question is Super Mario Bros. It has to be, right? The game first released in 1985, roughly 31 years ago, and the plumber remains arguably the most famous video game character out there.

Roston continues with an explanation for why a new animated series is coming.

“There’s a new Nintendo-themed world coming to a trio of Universal Studios destinations next year, and having a Nickelodeon cartoon launch on a major network around the same time would go along nicely with the theme park.”

Her reasoning sounds logical enough.

Older fans of Nintendo will remember at least three different versions of Mario cartoons growing up.

Although less popular, there was also a cartoon series based on The Legend of Zelda. It had the memorable line said by Link, “Well, excuuuse me princess,” which fans can relive on YouTube.

Plus, the show Captain N: The Game Master brought a wide assortment of Nintendo-related characters together, even ones from third-party games. The popular cartoon included Simon Belmont, Pit, Mega Man and Game Boy, as well as known villains such as Mother Brain, King Hippo, Eggplant Wizard and Doctor Wily.

Oddly, Donkey Kong is listed as a “minor villain” on the show’s Wikipedia page too.

In later years, a Donkey Kong Country television series popped up, around the time when the game with the same title for the Super Nintendo appeared.

A few commenters are concerned specifically about Nickelodeon’s involvement in the unnamed project.

“I’d be intrigued if it was Disney XD, but Nickelodeon has me worried,” one My Nintendo News user wrote. “Nothing on that channel nowadays really seems to be notable or praiseworthy.”

In the small chance the project is a poor Mario series, fans might watch the show for years anyway out of curiosity. Remember the Super Mario Bros. movie? It was terrible, yet people still watch and discuss the movie today.

Heck, the Mario cartoon based on Super Mario Bros. 2 was a little quirky by today’s standards, as it had a mixture of real-actor skits and animated episodes, but fans still watch it. Yes, the series lives on through YouTube.

In any case, Nintendo is not slowing down with the Switch console on the way, new theme parks and a possible new animated series based on one of their video games.

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