The Walking Dead: A New Frontier Episode 1 and 2 Review


After two seasons of Telltale’s The Walking Dead, many players have been hooked on which choices will alter and affect the story that the studio has eloquently created to capture the hearts of many fans. Telltale delivers The Walking Dead Season 3 “A New Frontier” as a two-part premiere that immediately hits the ground running and doesn’t lose any steam throughout both episodes. Even though the game doesn’t depart from what made the series such a success, it delivers a refreshing change by offering a different viewpoint from the series heroine Clementine.



In the beginning of the season, Walking Dead fans that are looking forward to continuing Clementine’s story will be mildly disappointed. The episode introduces new protagonist Javi, a man that is alienated from his family due to being disgraced from his former athletic career. Starting off during the initial start of the zombie apocalypse, Javi’s story is shown in an epic and captivating way that resembles a horror thriller. This establishing scene instantly connects Javi and his family to the present day where he travels around to survive the unforgiving world with his sister-in-law, and two teenage kids. During his travels, the clan encounters a trailer full of rich resources which force Javi to make his first crucial choice that leads him to cross paths with new survivors and, the fan-favorite, Clementine.

As the story proceeds, the player will finally learn more about Clementine’s past since season 2’s end, exploring a new settlement full of more relatable survivors compared to season 2, and season 3’s ultimate antagonist “The New Frontier.”



In the most familiar Telltale fashion, The New Frontier is a point-and-click adventure where the player will explore the beautiful environments that successfully reflect the hopeless nature that the Walking Dead’s world conveys. Unfortunately, throughout my playthrough of both episodes, A New Frontier still suffers through sudden animation tears, unsynced audio, and sudden frame rate drops. This is a common occurrence for Telltale, but now that the series has reached its fourth year with countless spinoffs, it is disappointing that the developer has not addressed this problem for the main entry title for their flagship series.
Besides those problems, Telltale does include a new feature that imports all the save files from the previous titles no matter what platform the game was played on to your telltale account. If the player successfully imports all the saves, the player will be treated with many questions being answered within Clementine’s story.

Final Reaction

As usual Telltale provides a spectacular start to the “New Frontier,” from a more likable cast and better pacing in the story, this makes me more excited to see how Telltale will continue on this season.

Rating: 4/5 Atoms

NR 4 Atoms - B

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