Hey look, it’s another Mega Man port… for mobile devices

It’s been six years since we’ve had a brand new Mega Man title, with the last two titles in development being canceled (Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe). While fans have been hoping for a new game in the series, what we’ve come to see is Capcom just re-releasing the original six games over and over on just about every platform available, including iOS and Android devices next month.


Capcom recently announced Mega Man Mobile 1-6 and it’s not off to a great start. The trailer released for the game looks a bit sluggish and choppy in some areas, which has led Capcom to disabling comments on the video. Hopefully, this is just from the way the video is edited or maybe the issue will be fixed around the time the game is released. While the game has an on-screen control pad that includes a quick switch ability, jump, and shoot buttons, hopefully it will offer users to pair a wireless controller.

Each game will be sold separately for $1.99, which is actually a pretty good deal if you’ve somehow have managed to never pick up a single collection at this point.

With Capcom announcing they will be focusing on older IPs, let’s hope it means actual new Mega Man games over more ports of already released games because it’s getting very old at this point.

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