Double Dragon IV announced for Steam and PS4!


Just in time for the 30th anniversary of Double Dragon, Arc System Works announced earlier today that Double Dragon IV, a direct sequel to the original Arcade/NES Double Dragon Trilogy, is coming. Billy and Jimmy Lee are back and rather than upgrading the graphics like Double Dragon Neon, Arc System Works is going back in time with Double Dragon IV by keeping it 8 bit.

The trailer showcases a flashback to the original 3 Double Dragon games with the reveal of Double Dragon IV’s gameplay. The gameplay and graphics don’t seem too different from the original trilogy and even keeps the original sound bites of punches and hits. The characters and levels are true to the original while adding a few new elements and new combos, and with old-school favorites returning like Abobo.

No word yet on what the story is about, but it could have something to do with Marian being kidnapped again. We’ll report with more details as they come, hopefully with an online co-op option and a versus mode!

Double Dragon IV kicks its way to Steam and PS4 on January 30, 2017!

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