Wes Anderson to direct new animated feature ‘Isle of Dogs’


Wes Anderson fans are no strangers to long waits. The auteur director, responsible for some of the most critically acclaimed and fan beloved films in recent years, chooses his projects with care. So it was exciting to learn the details of Anderson’s next directorial effort.

Variety reported that Fox Searchlight is planning on releasing Anderson’s next film, Isle of Dogs, an animated effort that will hopefully be reminiscent of Anderson’s previous animated film, The Fantastic Mr. Fox. Slated for a 2018 release, Isle of Dogs will star Anderson stalwart Edward Norton in the lead role.

This will be the first film for Anderson since the Oscar-nominated The Grand Budapest Hotel, which will mark the longest time between Anderson films since his superlative debut, Bottle Rocket. Patience, Anderson fans. I’m confident this next film will be worth the wait.

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