Russia blocks Overwatch comic for ‘gay propaganda’

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

It was big news when it was revealed that Tracer, the British character in the Overwatch multiplayer game, is a homosexual. The comic, “Reflection,” was available this week and had a Christmas theme. In the panels below, we see Emily, Tracer’s love interest, go for the kiss after she received a “present.”

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

Credit: Blizzard Entertainment

However, not everyone was able to check out the new comic. If you’re in Russia, you won’t be able to read it due to the “gay” content.

According to Kotaku, readers can only see the cover, but Russian fans won’t have access and will see a message saying something like:

“In accordance with Russian law, we cannot share this comic with our players on territory of Russian Federation.”

What’s this law they speak of? Well, the content is considered “gay propaganda” and it goes back to the 2013 ruling in Russia where it can’t be targeted towards minors. That includes protests, speeches, and dialogue involving gay rights.

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