The return of Android 17 in Dragon Ball Super!


After a long and hard-fought battle against arguably one of Dragon Ball’s best villains, Goku Black/Zamasu, Future Trunks can finally enjoy a peaceful life despite being unable to protect his timeline. Dragon Ball Super is now heading toward its next story arc: The Universe Survival Saga. With Zen-Oh’s arrival during the Tournament of Universe 6 & 7, he was impressed by the fight against Goku and Hit that he decided to hold a tournament between all 12 universes. Each universe will have a team of 10 fighters, and Toei has officially revealed the 10 fighers that will represent Universe 7!

Now Goku, Vegeta, Majin Buu, and Piccolo come as no surprise. Gohan, who was last seen training with Piccolo as he said goodbye to Future Trunks, doesn’t come as a huge shock, but is a welcome change. Husband and wife Krillin and 18 are always ready for a good fight, along with Tien Shenhan. Master Roshi is surprising, but not as surprising as the return of Android 17! That’s right, Android 17, who hasn’t been seen since the Cell Saga (beside his brief cameo), makes his return to compete with the rest of the Z Warriors. Now, there’s a lot of mystery regarding his absence, but what is known is that he becomes a park ranger, marries and adopts two children. After all the ‘good-willed’ victims of Majin Buu are resurrected by the Dragon Balls, Android 17’s appearance shows that he has become one of the good guys despite his dark past. The announcement by Toei was accompanied by the poster below, click for high res image.


Along with the announcement of the team, Toei also reveals the date of when the tournament will begin. Starting February 5, 2017, the 10 best fighters of each universe will be pitted against each to show who has the strongest fighters in all of the universes. What surprises will Goku and friends face once the tournament begins? We’ll have to wait and see. You can read the original (Japanese) announcement at

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