Mortal Kombat gets an Honest Trailer


With Assassin’s Creed debuting in theaters this Wednesday (check out our review here), of course everyone has one thing on their mind right now: will it do the video-game-to-movie genre justice? We’ve had some real pieces of …work… in this genre, compiled over the course of thirty years. Yes, video game movies have been around for that long. From some of the most ridiculous, such as Double Dragon and 1994’s Street Fighter, to the most god-awful and sad, like Postal and Super Mario Bros., we’ve had to endure quite a bit. It looks like Screen Junkies is here to pour a bit more salt on that open wound.

The good folks over at Screen Junkies have gone and added fuel to the blazing glory by creating an Honest Trailer for probably one of the few video game movies many actually enjoyed, Mortal Kombat. And they just don’t diss on one, nope, they go ahead and give fans a double header, going after both the 1995 and 1997 films that debuted, sharing the love. The trailer digs deep in several of the inconsistencies of the adaptation, from the lack of gore promised by the original gameplay, to the recasting of key characters from the first film for the sequel. Will we ever find a good video game film?!

Source: ScreenJunkies

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