Mark Millar’s top ten movies of 2016 didn’t include any DC movies

Earlier we posted that Mark Millar wasn’t too fond of the on-screen adaption of Captain America: Civil War, which is highly surprising still since he was the one that helped create it for the comic books. That said, he wrote a blog on what he felt were the top ten movies for this year. There were many different blockbusters in the cinema, however, surprisingly, he didn’t include any of the DC movies. In fact, the only comic book movie in his top ten was Marvel’s Dr. Strange. Here’s his list. (And yes, he made a mistake for Zootopia.)

1/ ZOOTROPOLIS – Cool, funny and ORIGINAL. I went in expecting nothing and came out texting all my friends to go and see it. Disney ruling the world again this year and as all eyes are on Marvel and Star Wars and Pixar let’s tip our hats to Disney Animation who I genuinely think have far surpassed modern Pixar and where the action truly is again.

2/ NOCTURNAL ANIMALS – Amy Adams makes us instantly forgive her for Batman Vs Superman and reminds us that she’s pretty much the best actress working in Hollywood right now with a range that runs from Disney Princess to the darkest shit imaginable.

3/ THE JUNGLE BOOK – Live action Jungle Book? I wasn’t interested. Directed by Jon Fav? I’m 100% in. This was really brilliantly made and charming and just a kinda perfect movie. Live Action Lion King next? Not interested. Directed by Jon Fav? Count me in.

4/ HACKSAW RIDGE – Mel Gibson is plain and simple one of the greatest living directors and Garfield is one of the best actors of his generation. I can’t wait to see this again in the UK.

5/ 10 CLOVERFIELD LANE – Established Dan Trachtenberg as the new director to watch. Excellent. i don’t even mind the tacked on ending because it’s bonkers enough to be completely unexpected. Let’s hope there isn’t a sequel though as it just becomes another franchise then whereas this is like a great little Twilight Zone.

6/ DON’T BREATHE – Fede Alvarez nails it again. A lot of movies in recent times seem to be set in a confined space with someone kidnapped and trapped in a cellar, but these two are absolutely the cream of that crop.

7/ STAR TREK BEYOND – This movie didn’t get enough love and I suspect it was paying for the crimes of Star Trek Into Darkness because it was a far, far superior movie and deserved to do a lot better. A hugely likeable film with really fun characters. Probably the only blockbuster from this year I would watch again.

8/ HELL OR HIGH WATER – The Chris Pine movie we’ve been waiting for since the first Stark Trek.

9/ THE NICE GUYS – Sub the leads for Kurt Russell and Sylvester Stallone and this ridiculously fun Shane Black movie could have been made word for word 25 years ago. But that’s what I loved about it. I just sank into the warm bath that this movie was and enjoyed myself for two hours. Really, really, really fun and this is a reminder that I need to pick it up on DVD.

10/ DR STRANGE – Just a nice, fun Marvel movie. The only comic-book flick to hit my top 10 this year, which feels weird, but the Marvel formula is a solid one and this was a nice hark back to before they went a little too dark and serious and had lots of nice jokes and asshole-learning-to-be-a-hero leads. Marvel’s genius is the casting and like Hemsworth and Downey Jr, Cumberbatch holds this movie together with his terrific presence. The American accent I think was a mistake in the same way giving Colin Firth a Kentucky accent would seem weird on film as it’s an actor we understand to be quintessentially English. But it’s a minor quibble and a nice film with a good third act (where Marvel’s origin movies in particular usually stumble a little).

Now just because he has one Marvel movie up there, don’t assume that Mark Millar doesn’t like DC or its movies. He did state this about BvSSuicide Squad, and DC movies entirely.


Batman Vs Superman I think we should just leave alone. Like Suicide Squad, WB has just decided to go a certain way with these movies and their logic is that they don’t want to look like Marvel films. It’s not how I feel these characters work best and sadly my DC-obsessed kids (I’m a DC guy way more than I’m a Marvel guy) can’t see their favorite characters in the cinema. Their TV and animation departments are working beautifully. I’d love to see some of that same light applied to their theatrical division.

Mark Millar is only human like all of us and is entitled to his own opinions of movies. He, being part of the comic book industry and on both ends, has a huge impact when he states his opinion, though. Whatever the case, let’s hope that WB and DC can get their reigns just right so maybe one day Mark Millar will be proud of watching a truly great DC movie instead of just accepting that “it is what it is” attitude towards them. What were your top ten movies for 2016?

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