Heart Forth, Alicia is a must-play Metroidvania game in 2017

Two years ago, a small Kickstarter got the attention of 7,472 backers. While the developer was trying to initially raise $60,000, it instead raised $232,365 and thus began the tale of Alonso Martin and Heart Forth, Alicia.


While I’ve had a chance to play the game almost half a year ago, I’m pretty glad to see just how far the game has progressed. It’s everything you would expect to see from a Metroidvania-style game. It takes homages from various games from the ’90s and even early 2000s and focuses on great gameplay and narrative to expand the world of Heart Forth, Alicia.

Below you can watch a video that highlights combat and exploration. What I really enjoy about this title is that you can appreciate all the effort that has gone into the game from gameplay to art design. It plays exactly how you would expect it to, taking inspiration from games like Castlevania: Symphony of the Night and the Metroid series as you solve challenging puzzles, backtrack to places you’ve already been to in order to find secrets or use items you’ve collected to get passed areas.

This is one game to really look forward to when it releases in 2017. The game has seen a few delays, but with such a massive undertaking, the developers are working hard and the demo really shows the love and dedication behind put behind it. It’s easy to get mad when you see a game constantly pushed, but Martin and his team are doing everything the right way as backers, and those who are interested in the game can see just how far the game is coming along with weekly Development Livestreams every Tuesday at 1PM CST on Twitch.TV/heartforthAlicia.

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