First look at Black Sails Season 4

Black Sails Season 4 2017

We’re about a month away for the fourth and final season of Black Sails. Last season built up to the battle for Nassau, and now we have the two sides vying for the island. Captain Flint, along with John Silver, has amassed an army with Madi and her people. The appearance of Woodes Rogers has changed things for the pirates to the point of bringing back civility to the anarchist island. Season 4 of Black Sails brings us to the last battle for piracy. Nassau being the central location for battle, it’s an important island for ship trade in the Caribbean. With Rogers controlling it, it’ll help maintain ship trade between England and the English Colonies to allow further expansion in America. If piracy remains in Nassau, ships will continue to be at the mercy of the pirates, which have been for decades prior.

Here’s your first look at Black Sails Season 4 with several screenshots and a trailer. We get a lot of good looks of main characters such as Captain Flint, John Silver, Billy Bones, Anne Bonnie, Jack Rackham, Madi, Edward “Blackbeard” Teach, and Woodes Rogers. Who will come out on top when Flint and Rogers collide for Nassau? And who will rise to claim Nassau when the dust settles?

Black Sails waves it’s final flag on January 29, 2017

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