Does the Nintendo Switch have a speed problem?


Nintendo’s next groundbreaking console took the world by storm over the past few months with fans digging for as much information as possible. The latest leak, if it is to be believed, shows that there may be a major speed problem when the unit is out of the cradle and on the move.

According to reports, the graphical processing unit on the Switch operates at 307.2MHz when undocked and while it is docked it runs at 768MHz. That is about a 60% difference in speed. If the reveal trailer is to be believed and games like Skyrim will be making their debut on Nintendo, graphics running only at 40% could make a huge difference when running those graphic intensive games. What’s more, game developers can actually set their games to consistenly run with 40% of the graphic power in order to keep a consistent game play experience.

The CPU of the switch runs at 1020MHz whether it is docked or not and the memory reportedly runs at either 1331 or 1600MHz in either configuration. What the actual effect these specs remains to be seen, but specualtions are that it will still be more powerful than the Wii U regardless.

Source: IGN

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