Terry Crews would LOVE to be Doomfist in Overwatch


Terry Crews announced on Reddit that he would “LOVE TO PLAY DOOMFIST” in the hit game Overwatch as he is an avid fan of the game. He then had a visit to Blizzard HQ soon after fueling the rumors that he will be voicing the rumored new character, Doomfist. He even posed a picture of himself at Blizzard HQ on his Facebook page.

Doomfist, described by the Wverwatch Wiki, is similar to the Green Lanterns or The Flash, with many helming the title.

Each Doomfist has wielded a powerful gauntlet. One of the Doomfists was defeated by Winston, and the gauntlet put on display. Widowmaker and Reaper tried to retrieve it, but were fought off by Winston and Tracer. Doomfist’s gauntlet was used by a bystander against the Talon operatives. A Doomfist exhibit opened in Numbani on one of its Unity Day celebrations. Doomfist’s gauntlet was transferred from the Overwatch Museum to Numbani. Currently, another Doomfist remains active, as he seeks to undermine the peaceful omnic-human relations within Numbani.”

Would you like to see and hear Terry Crews voice the new potential character?

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