PSA Jailbreakers: iOS 10.1.1 downgrade window is quickly closing


Jailbreaking is not for everyone. Admittedly so, it sometimes makes our iDevices unstable. But for the 5% of us that want to be able to use and customize our iDevices how we want, this is our lifeline. The life of a tech enthusiast is never an easy path. Some days, I want to give into the Apple Empire and use the newest features that social media often raves about. For the proud and few, Jyn Erso from Star Wars Rogue One said it best, “I rebel.”

Through various rumors and speculations, today might be the last day that Apple signs iOS versions 10.1.1 and below. What does this mean for you? Well if you are an avid jailbreaker, a great deal. The last iOS vulnerability happened on iOS 9.3.3 which was released half a year ago. Since then, all subsequent iOS versions went unjailbroken. French hacker Luca Todesco has been tweeting to the jailbreak community that his exploit was proven successful on iOS 10.1.1, but is no longer valid on iOS 10.2.

The gist is basically this: If you want to be able to take advantage of Luca’s imminent iOS 10.1.1 exploit, you better hurry and downgrade yourself to iOS 10.1.1 before Apple doesn’t let you install it anymore. I covered it already and I’ll say it again, jailbreaking is not for everyone. Also a note:



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