Batman: A Telltale Series Episode 5: City of Light Review


The season finale for Telltale’s Batman series manages to wrap up Batman’s fight against the Children of Arkham, and their enigmatic leader – Lady Arkham, as well as addressing Bruce Wayne’s political and personal conflicts with allies, former friends, and the citizens of Gotham city.

The episode begins with a heavy dose of action that illustrates just how unstable and dangerous Gotham has become under Mayor Dent’s influence. Following the opening chapter, the pace slows to allow several plot strands from earlier episodes to run through to their conclusion. Nothing is rushed in the series finale, giving proper respect and attention to almost the entire cast and their involvement in the overarching plot.

Sometimes the pace slows a little too much however, as the returning detective sections seem to saturate this episode a little too much at around the half way mark. From a technical point of view, episode 5 is also the most polished. During my two plays through the finale, I only noticed a single instance of missing sound effects. Otherwise, dialogue was synced to characters correctly, animations were fluid, and textures were crisp.


Episode 5 feels convincingly like the culmination of my efforts as the Batman so far, releasing the buildup of pressure orchestrated throughout previous episodes. All of my carefully weighted choices and decisions have played out to their conclusion in a satisfying resolution. The episode also lays the ground work for a second season of Telltale’s Batman by teasing the far-reaching consequences of my actions in the future, and setting up possible future plot points and villains. I also appreciated that the season finale actually made it feel like my choices mattered by playing out differently, depending on my actions in previous episodes.


Up to this point, it hasn’t always been executed perfectly, with episodes 2 and 4 in particular feeling like filler chapters more often than not, but the series overall has been a great experience.

Batman is also some of Telltale’s best looking work. From Batman’s suit, gadgets, and transforming car, to the supporting cast and villains, everything is well imagined, and, visually, great to look at. Environments are varied, distinct, and well drawn.

The series has been expertly animated, and these new takes on the series characters, as well as the convincing introduction of new enemies, are welcome. It also carried with it strong performances by Troy Baker and Laura Bailey, as well as the rest of the cast, doing an excellent job in bringing the characters to life.


As a massive fan of Batman, I’m satisfied the franchise has been done justice, and while there’s plenty here for fans of the Dark Knight, the story has been crafted in a way that keeps it accessible to newcomers, as well.

Telltale’s Batman series has ended on a high note, and I’m already hungry for what lies ahead in series 2.

Rating: 4.5/5 Atoms

NR 4_5 Atoms - A-

What did you think of Batman: A Telltale Series? Have you played through all of the episodes, and what do you want to see from season 2? Let us know in the comments below, or directly on Twitter @NerdReactor. I can be found @raykimaru.

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