Sparrow Racing returns to Destiny!


What can easily be considered one of the best events in Destiny, Sparrow Racing is coming back in all it’s glory! Last year, Bungie heard it’s community and introduced the Sparrow Racing League as an annual event, and was an instant hit! Being able to use the Sparrows you earned in-game in competitive racing brought a new element to Destiny. This year, the Sparrow Racing League is coming with The Dawning update available today. Along with it are several new features like Strike Scoring, new gear and emblems, returning Year 1 Exotics as well as new Exotics, and much more.

I was able to get some hands on experience of Sparrow Racing last weekend at the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim. Although racing hasn’t changed much since last year’s Sparrow Racing League Event, this year is brings along new maps to race on as well as new gear with perks to help you on your racing. Controlling your sparrow isn’t any different than when you control it normally in the open world. All those twists and turns you encountered while venturing planet to planet will be put to the test with other guardians aiming to take the top spot. The two maps I encountered at the PlayStation Experience were inspired by the current Rise of Iron expansion. ┬áIt feels as if you’re racing through an interactive world with enemies trying to take you down and many obstacles to overcome. It’s a thrilling experience that should not be missed.

The Dawning event is from December 13 to January 3, and even though the Sparrow Racing League is a limited time event, being able to race sparrows will be permanently accessible in private matches. So now not only will I catch you in the crucible matches, I’ll see you on the race track as too!

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