Mark Wahlberg drops out of Uncharted film project

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It’s no surprise that there’s been talk about a potential Uncharted film for years. With its linear narrative and gameplay, superior voice acting, big action set pieces and overall cinematic quality, it already feels like you’re playing a movie. So, why not turn it into an actual movie?

Well, they’ve tried, but the project’s hit many roadblocks, as video game adaptations tend to do. One such roadblock includes directors coming and going from the production. Those directors who have been attached at some point include Neil Burger, Seth Gordon and, surprisingly, even David O. Russell. To add fuel to the fire, the film has now lost its main star, Mark Wahlberg.

The actor has been attached to the film for the past five years or so in the lead role as Nathan Drake, the protagonist from the video game series. There were already rumors that the actor was out during a new casting search when Shawn Levy was announced as director, but there’s now confirmation from the actor himself. During an exclusive interview with We Got This Covered to promote his new film Patriots Day, Wahlberg commented on the film.

“As of now, no, I’m not attached,” said Wahlberg.

Of course, this is a big blow to project as Wahlberg has major star power and the ability to attract a large audience. However, it does open the door for Nathan Fillion, an actor who many fans have petitioned for years to play Drake.

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