Ocarina of Time Soundtrack to be released on vinyl


With The Legend of Zelda turning 30 this year, it’s only likely that fans will want to eat up as much nostalgia goodness as they can. And what better way to do that than with music from a classic?

Production company iam8bit has teamed up with Materia Collective to remaster the incredible soundtrack from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in an album titled “Hero of Time”. Considering the technical limitations of the Nintendo 64 when it came to sound compression, it will be refreshing to hear it in the way it was meant to be heard: with a 64-piece orchestra. While Materia Collective will distribute the remastered soundtrack digitally, iam8bit will be releasing it on vinyl. That’s right, vinyl!

The vinyl edition will feature:

-180-gram heavyweight colored vinyl
-Diecut Ocarina Window
-Gold Foil Triforce Stamping
-Gatefold Vista Artwork

“Hero of Time” will be available worldwide in Q2 2017 for $40. It is now available for pre-order on iam8bit.com.


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