The CW DC crossover episodes had the highest ratings in 6 years


Last week’s 4-part crossover episode between the 4 different DC shows broke some records for the CW, which isn’t surprising. Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow tied in together to follow the Invasion! storyline, bringing the 4 different stories together in an epic battle of good vs. evil aliens.

The first episode that aired was with Supergirl on Monday, November 28th, breaking an 8-year record with 3.5 million viewers. The Flash followed suit on the next day bringing in 4.15 million viewers and was the highest-rated episode of the season. Arrow then had its 100th episode and brought in 3.55 million viewers and was also the highest-rated episode since last year’s crossover between Arrow and The Flash. The Invasion! storyline concluded on Legends of Tomorrow which ended up being its most-watched episode of all time with 3.39 million viewers. That’s barely 14.6 million viewers over the 4-hour crossover which definitely made The CW happy.

Hopefully this makes future crossovers more easily available considering the success from every crossover they have ever had.

You can check out our reaction to some of the videos below!

Source: Deadline

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