Streaming legend Kripparrian could’ve taken down Hearthstone by hitting one button


Lead Hearthstone designer Ben Brode was on Reddit recently to discuss Blizzard’s wildly successful card game when he let the community in on a little secret. Apparently, even as recently as a year ago, noted Hearthstone streamer Kripparrian had so many duplicate cards, if he had tried to dust them all at once, it would very likely have taken down the servers.

Said Brode, “There was a point in time (pre-TGT?) when, if he had hit the button, he would have brought down Hearthstone. Thanks to the hard work of our engineers, we are probably ok now. fingers crossed”

For those unfamiliar with Hearthstone, players can disenchant (“dust”) their duplicate cards and craft new cards out of this dust. Kripparian, probably among the most well known of Hearthstone streamers, had amassed a huge collection of duplicates over the course of his play. And by simply hitting the “disenchant all” button, he could have sent Hearthstone servers into a tizzy. It’s good to know that Hearthstone servers can handle this now, as the game has only grown in popularity over the past year.

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