PSX 2016: Retrain yourself with Akuma in Street Fighter V


It was at last month’s Red Bull Battlegrounds that we learned that a new DLC character was coming to Street Fighter V, and that the character would be playable at this year’s PlayStation Experience. During PlayStation Experience, it was confirmed that Akuma would be released in 2017 along with five brand new fighters.

I only had a chance to try out Akuma twice at the event, due to the insanely long lines, he isn’t the same character we’ve seen in previous Street Fighter games. There is a new level of complexity which is actually fun when I tred out some of his new abilities.

Akuma’s Demon Flip feels a bit faster. It can also be used in a combo when using the EX version and looks like a Blanka ball, adding a few extra hits. His movement speed feels a bit faster, and he has a kick that knocks opponents into the air.

Akuma’s fireball game is a bit weaker than ever. His fireball will travel a short distance before fizzling out. So you may want to use it wisely against other projectile characters.

His V-Skill is similar to Ryu’s, as it can parry one attack. He can quickly counter the attack, making it much more interesting to use at the right moment to deal a lot of damage with the right follow up.

The “Dohatsu Shoten” V-Trigger awakens his murderous intent and makes him much more dangerous. In this mode, Akuma’s Gohadokens will hit for two attacks and can travel full screen. Akuma will also shoot two projectiles in the air, even if jumping back and landing, his Goshoryuken move will add an extra move where he grabs his opponent’s head and smashes it into the ground for a hard knockdown.

Akuma is also currently the only character who will also have two completely different critical arts. His regular critical art is the Sekia Kuretsuha. It’s reminiscent of one of his supers from Street Fighter III: 3rd Impact where he slams the ground and creates a pillar of energy around him. In Street Fighter V, he focuses the energy into his hand and slams his hand into the ground unleashes a powerful shockwave forward. His second Critical Art can only be accessed in his V-Trigger mode where he can use the Raging Demon when inputting the correct button sequence. You know, that certain one that has been used in every fighting game Akuma is selectable in.

Below you can watch a video of Tokido using Akuma at PSX (video from Youtuber PIKACHUAKUMA)

Overall, Akuma while familiar will take some time to get used to as you re-train yourself to use the Supreme Master of the Fist. I had a chance to talk to Street Fighter pro INFILTRATION at PSX who mentioned that he is excited to play as Akuma. While he only had a bit of time to play with the character he looks forward to seeing what he is capable of.

Season two will release sometime in 2017, featuring Akuma and five completely brand new fighters. Who are these characters, there have been some guesses which you can see here.


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