A Streets of Rage and Altered Beast movie? Sign us up!


Move aside, because it looks like movies based on the Sega games, Altered Beast and Streets of Rage, are going to be in production soon. A recent partnership between Stories International (Sega’s production section) and Circle of Confusion (Talking Dead, Outcast, Powers Dirk Gently, and Fear The Walking Dead) have now opened the doors for an actual on-screen version of both these original Sega video game franchises.

If you’re unfamiliar with these two games, they were quite the hit when the Sega Genesis was released many years ago. Altered Beast‘s story revolved around a mythological aspect where the main characters you turned into would beat up bad guys and eventually become so buff that they transformed into werewolves, werebears, weredragons, and wereplatypuses. Okay, I’m joking about the platypus, but you pretty much turned into a badass man-beast.

The storyline for Altered Beast actually didn’t make any sense. Now that I look back when I played the game, there wasn’t any real motivation for the main characters. It starts off with a voice command saying “Rise from your grave!” and off you went and started whooping ass. I guess since this game’s storyline can be changed, it really shouldn’t matter. I just hope they don’t make the werewolves look like the giant puppets. I’m looking at you, Underworld. 

Streets of Rage was similar, but a better evolution of the sidescrolling beat-em-up genre at the time. Not only did it have better graphics, but it had a pretty familiar storyline of “evil criminal empire needs to be stopped, so let’s beat everyone up till we get to the final boss who has a machine gun.” The original sidescrolling fighting game that it parallels to is Double Dragon; the main boss in Double Dragon had a machine gun as well. We’ve kind of seen that type of storyline in Jackie Chan movies, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the live version of these movies followed the same cheesiness.

There’s no word on what the actual storylines will be; however, if they do decide to build and create their own backgrounds for both these franchises, I think it would be a welcome change. Our television and movies are filled with the superhero genre currently, so if it shifts to video games that means there’s a huge untapped area that’s yet to be exploited by Hollywood. Let’s hope this pulls through and the does well!

Source: Variety

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