Westworld’s Jimmi Simpson discusses possibility of season 2 return

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Well, that finale of Westworld was quite the doozy. If you completely understood everything that occurred, then good for you; you’re a better person than I. The 90-minute episode was full of twists and turns, major plot developments and lengthy exposition. One shocking revelation that was pretty clear, however, was that William, as played by Jimmi Simpson, is actually The Man in Black (Ed Harris) at a younger age.

Once this became clear, though, younger William faded from the remainder of the show as if his story had come to a close. Considering this and the fact that we now know his role formed The Man in Black’s backstory which seemed to be told completely, the question of whether or not Simpson will return as William for the announced season 2 remains. Unfortunately, though Harris is returning for a second season, that’s not the case for Simpson, as revealed in an interview with Vanity Fair.

When asked directly if he was coming back for season 2, Simpson said, “No.” After the interviewer said it was a bummer, Simpson agreed saying, “I feel the same way, like gosh darn. My William has served his purpose. As of now, I’ll be done at the end of season 1.”

Of course, a show like this with its complex plot, huge cast and various timelines has a lot of flexibility and lends itself to the return of characters once thought gone for good. But, for now, we’ll have to say ‘goodbye’ to The Man in Black’s younger self.

You can see Harris portray the older William, however, when Westworld returns for season 2 in 2018 as previously reported.

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